Passenger Elevators Hydroulic

Type for building where M/C room height is a problem.Hydroulic lifts can same on structural costs as they require only one wall for support.

Passenger Elevators Traction

Type for home, Commercial building, hospitals, with capacity from 4 passenger to 30 passengers.

Glass Capsule Lifts

with single sided glass to five sided glass fronts. We can also provided lift with designer's glass door and automatic doors of center opening on Telescopic type, with mild steels stainless steel or glass door.

Goods Lifts Of Traction or Drumwoud Hoist M/C

Type to carry from 50 kgs, to 5000 kgs.


Small sized cabinet type lifts to carry hot food in hotels. Delivery items to the delivery counter in large departmental stores, for carrying light good between flaors.

Multistoried Motor Car Elevators

Huge lifts in which the entire car can go in a lift, used by car showroom and basement parking.

The company is getting numerous repeat orders, It has entered the prestigious sector of manufacturing & Installation of passenger Elevators due to long standing demand of its esteemed clients.
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